About RMI
In existence for over 20 years RMI specialises in providing evidence based resilience assurance to its client base. We are Ireland’s longest established firm whose sole focus is supporting board directors and chief officers manage high impact threats and risks with potential to destroy reputation and business operations.

We are dedicated to our clients’ success by helping them manage high impact risks and build organisational resilience.

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Our Services: What we do
There is no return without risk. However, the ability of a company to respond to the unexpected in our hyper-connected multispeed uncertain world can have a major impact on its reputation and business operations.

Drawing on the deep and varied experience of our experts, we help our clients navigate all stages of the RMI Risk Resilience Continuum – before the risk event occurs, during the risk event and afterwards.

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RMI Business Case
Working with board audit/risk committees and chief officers we help our clients attain a grounded understanding of perils to business strategy and objectives.

As practitioners, not theorists, we provide evidence based assurance that management is prepared to deliver credible solutions in the face of adversity thus enabling our clients to build competitive advantage over less adaptive, less responsive competitors.

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